Services overview

Proactive, friendly and here to support you whenever you need us, we are proud of the best-in-class service that we offer. Our range of professional services equips you with complete flexibility. Whether you have a large, experienced IT organisation and require limited support, or you want our professional experts to provide an end-to-end service, we will design and deliver the package of services and support that is exactly right for your needs, priorities and preferences.


Wraparound support

We ensure that all our customers are given first-class support from our European Help desk.

All clients can access our dedicated portal – enabling you to log in, view and search for tickets.

  • Training tools and solutions are available 24/7.
  • All incidents and requests are logged for customer ease. 1st and 2nd line support is via telephone and email, with 3rd line support provided by our head office in Chennai, India.
  • The ticketing platform is aligned with ITIL V3 methodology and gives you easy access.
  • The cloud server solution is monitored and maintained internally by our L2 team, and remote support capabilities are available to assist with supporting POS side incidents.
  • Cloud options include self-hosting or via Ticketnew’s own cloud hosting environment, where separate charges are applicable.
  • Our service centre in Manchester, England, provides support from 09:00-00:00 Mon-Fri and 11:00-00:00 Sat-Sun.

What people say:

We are the largest distributor of Indian language films outside of India and the selection of TICKETNEW Box Office Suite was an obvious choice given its widespread popularity with Indian exhibitors and Ticketnew's decision to establish a presence in the UK. We have a passion for bringing cinema to local communities and having a technology partner like Ticketnew has made this venture so much easier.

Dhandapani , General Manager of Boleyn Cinemas

Hosting design and optimisation

Ticketnew is built on state-of-the-art technology, allowing you to host the software on your own servers or to use our software in a managed cloud based service with Ticketnew managing all the technical aspects of product usage and support.

Network design and management

Ticketnew is a scalable and hardware-agnostic solution that can be integrated into your existing multi-channel hardware and software environment – including tills, scales, websites, call centres, IVR and ticket kiosks – without any hardware changes. The Ticketnew team can provide advice and support for this integration work or we can manage the entire process from end-to-end.

Product licensing

Ticketnew offer an annual license fee, with simple, cost-effective pricing using either a screen-based or ticket-based pricing model.

Screen-based pricing allows you to fix your costs where demand is known, while ticket-based pricing provides flexibility, reduces up-front costs and allows you to take advantage of seasonal events.


Ticketnew provides a full range of implementation support and training services. Services are generally provided on site by a dedicated, experienced professional assigned to your account at the time of software licensing.